Accommodation price and further fees

Room type Price
Room price for one night only Standart 20,00 €
Studio 22, 00 €
Apartment 25,00 €
An extra bed in room 16,00 €
Rental price for the entire house for more than 2 days 360,00 €
Rental price for the entire house for one or two nights only 405,00 €
Rental price for the entire house for more days (Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter and in individual cases) upon agreement

More details

A spacious lounge with a fire place and a snooker table is there for your use as well as a free parking place, internet, wifi, pool, soccer table and external firplace.
If staying more than two nights, use of the wellness area / whirlpool and sauna / is included in the price
If staying for 1 or 2 nights the admission fee for the wellness area /whirlpool and sauna/ is 8 EUR/person/per day. The rental of the wellness area for the entire day is 64 EUR
The daily rental fee for wellness is 64 EUR
Daily surcharge for 1 person in two-bed room (room, studio, apartment) is 10€/day/person
Breakfast is not included in the price / breakfast is available upon request and is charged separately
Price for a baby cot under 3 years is 3,50 EUR/child/night
Children under 3 years without their own bed are free of charge
For children between 3-12 years we offer a 20% discount off the bed price
For a stay longer than 1 week /more than 7 nights/ we offer a 10% discount
In low season we offer a 10% discount off the total accomodation price
Pet dog or cat fee is 3,50 EUR
The local accommodation tax is to be paid separately, 0,30 EUR
Continental breakfast to order / pay separately / 5 EUR
Accommodation prices include VAT